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Shraddha Olympiad School

Children must be taught how to think, not what to think. The early years are the most extraordinary period of growth and development in a child’s lifetime. Brain builds in this period. This is the right age of training the brain therefore the foundations of all learning are laid during these years. Education had changed significantly in the recent years & the engineering and medicine.

Students, aspiring for these fields, are expected with to invest around 7 to 8 hours in self –study, which evidently in not possible with prevalent schooling system. We researched and studied education pattern from various reputed Schools around the globe and developed a modern teaching pedagogy to help such students achieve their goals. And introduce Shraddha Olympiad School in 2017.

Why there is a need for Olympiad School?

A good number of students enrolling each year in standards 5th to 10th, the institution has embarked upon the philosophy of a strong educational foundation in today’s student generation and is proud of its preference among aspiring young ones. Our conceptualizations of integrated syllabi for Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry, and decentralized teacher training method have gained traction over the years and enjoy renewed appreciation today. With special emphasis on competitive examinations at State, National level, Shraddha Olympiad Schools believe in ensuring to put their best foot forward for students in clinching Top Ranks and national honors’ We follow this approach in our training programs by combining concepts from State Board & CBSE boards comprehensively. It will guide students to understand Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry objectively, in solving complex numerical and logical problems. Be it competitive examinations or entrance tests for State, National and International professional courses, students attempt them boldly and with heightened confidence. This model of educational training is sure to create a substantial difference in the personality of students.

A holistic approach towards career oriented institution offers strong foundation and promises best subject knowledge enhancement with different methodology of foundation & implementation for all the related competitive courses & entrance examinations.
We stand out from usual schooling concept. At Shraddha Olympiad School we prepare the students for all competitive exams with utmost discipline and efficient way. We have put together a curriculum and course module that makes success in these exams easier. We always believe that each one of us can shine in whatever we undertake. Our faculty is there to mould your desire, dedication success in these exams easier. We lend everything that helps the students to excel in their career. We are eager to see you achieve your dreams


Splendid performance in various National level & State level exams

Total Selection in 2017
Total Selection in 2018
Total Selection in 2019
Total Selection in 2020

Seeking knowledge is the highest form of human endeavor. The joy in the effort is more than the joy in the reward. 

Salient Features

What makes Shraddha Olympiad School best?

Strong Shraddha’s curriculum

Our program has a well-balanced combination of state Board + CBSE + ICSE Syllabus which makes a significant difference in the early development. So we teach – JEE and NEET topics to students from class 6th to 10th.

Well qualified and trained staff

Our staff goes through a rigorous selection process and provides the teacher’s training on curriculum planning and modern teaching methods.

Future talent pool

We brings out the best in students and provide a competitive platform to create a talent pool for future.

Build confidence in the student

By motivating students to aspire and strive for better and emerge out to the best which develops a sense of confidence.

Improvement of reasoning ability

Our program improve their conceptual understanding and enables students to grasp tricky concept which enhance the reasoning, analytical and critical thinking ability, problem – solving skills and brainstorming.

Gain additional knowledge

Student’s gain additional knowledge and get an early exposure to competition and learning which sharpen the minds of youth.

Holistic education for all round development

The program aims to bring out the inherent talent through curricular and extra – curricular activities like sports, Yoga, study tours, seminars and cultural programs.

State of the art infrastructure

Provides all the ultra-modern facilities like well-equipped science labs, computer labs and smart classrooms to learn well and face the challenges of competitive world.

Difficulty solving period

This session extend the ideas involved to challenge the student’s greater knowledge and understanding. This session allows students to work at their own pace.

No need for extra tuition/coaching

Shraddha has framed a new curriculum and developed a modern teaching pedagogy with the help of experts. Our faculty goes beyond the call duty to help the students to excel in their academic career